Chicago Synergy is considering topics for the 2018 Annual Symposium and would like to get your opinion on the subject matter you are most interested in. (To learn more about Chicago Synergy and the Annual Symposium, please click here.)

* 1. Are you interested in Orthodox and faith-based education?

* 2. Would you ever consider attending a live event to learn more about faith-based topics?

* 3. Which of the following would be a topic you would likely attend? Please rank from most appealing (1) to least appealing (5). If you have an idea for another topic, please include it in question #4.

* 4. If you have another topic idea, please specify here.

* 5. Which channels do you draw from to obtain information about Orthodoxy and faith-based topics? Please rank the following from highest (1) to lowest (4)

* 6. If you are on social media, what do you use? Please rank the following from highest (1) to lowest (4).

* 7. Have you ever attended a Synergy symposium?

* 8. If you hear about the Annual Synergy Symposia, how do you hear about it? (Check all that apply)

* 9. Your age

* 10. Orthodox Jurisdiction (Serbian, Romanian, Greek, etc.)

* 11. If you are interested in receiving updates on the 2018 Synergy Symposium, please include your email address here: