* 1. Which operating system do you use most frequently to develop Symfony apps?

* 2. Which of the following is your primary editor to develop Symfony apps?

* 3. How many years have you been working with Symfony?

* 4. Which kind of applications do you develop with Symfony?

* 5. What are your main difficulties when using Symfony?
(Please, be straight to the point. Examples: deployment; the config system; the security component; etc.)

* 6. What kind of company do you work for?

* 7. What is the size of your company?

* 8. What is the average budget of the Symfony projects you work on?

* 9. What are your main roles in regards to Symfony?

* 10. Do you participate in technical trainings and workshops?

* 11. How do you train in technical topics?

* 12. Regarding developing and insuring your Symfony capacities, are you satisfied with the tools and trainings that your community has made available? If not, what would you like to see added?

* 13. What solutions (programs, tools, applications) are you currently using to monitor the performance of your Symfony project(s)?

* 14. Do you have any technical certification?

* 15. Which of the following projects that incorporate Symfony Components do you use regularly?

* 16. Which of these other PHP frameworks do you use regularly?

* 17. Compared to other frameworks (PHP or not), what are your favorite Symfony features?
(Please, be straight to the point)

* 18. Do you use Symfony for your personal and side projects?

* 19. Have you attended any local Symfony meetups in the past 6 months?

* 20. Have you contributed to Symfony code or docs in the past 6 months?

* 21. Do you have a simple, brilliant idea to improve the Symfony project?
(Be bold, be original, be amazing!)

* 22. (Optional) Do you have any other comments?

* 23. (Optional) Your SensioLabsConnect username
So we can give you an exclusive badge to thank you for helping us

* 24. Which country do you live in?

* 25. Your e-mail address (to receive the results):