Are you interested in developing your leadership skills and promoting respect, equity, and healthy relationships in our schools and communities? If so, join the Sitka Youth Leadership Committee (SYLC) or Peer Education!

SYLC members have the opportunity to get involved in organizing and participating in community outreach projects, panel discussions, relevant workshops, and attending statewide conferences! If you are selected to join SYLC, you will be expected to attend weekly meetings as well as one weekend workshop per month. 

Peer Educators have the opportunity present in front of their peers about healthy and unhealthy relationships while making a positive impact on their community and developing their leadership skills! If you are selected to become a peer educator, you will be expected to attend meetings, communicate with facilitators and present in schools and other community spaces.

Applications are reviewed by current members and accepted or waitlisted based on SYLC/Peer Education member criteria. Questions marked as confidential are for grant reporting purposes only and will not be reviewed by members.

Question Title

* 1. Are you interested in being a part of SYLC, Peer Education, or both?