* 5. Weekly Meetings:

* 6. Total number of hours met this month:

* 7. Tasks/topics addressed this month:

  Check all that apply
Building Logistics
Classroom Management
Differentiation for specific populations
Educator Evaluation
Lesson Planning
Parent Communication
Time Management

* 8. Which of the following activities did you participate in this month:

  Check all that apply
Mentee observed mentor
Mentor observed mentee
Facilitated observations (other educators)
Conducted one-on-one meetings
Attended School Support Team meeting
Exchanged written communication

* 9. REFLECT on at least three (3) of the following topics:  lesson planning, lesson delivery, getting to know your students / building student relationships, setting high expectations, classroom management, routines, collegial conversations/ relationships, curriculum & content, school community, your mentor, miscellaneous.

* 10. Questions or concerns: