1. SWORD Survey

Project homepage: http://theswo.sourceforge.net
The Software Ontology for Resource Description (SWORD) project is funded by JISC and seeks to develop a vocabulary that will help describe the software they use to produce, manage and analyse research data. This is an important part of digital preservation across sciences, humanities and beyond. This survey aims to gather some information about the software used within research so that our vocabulary is appropriately designed; it will also aid us in getting some key software into the vocabulary.

We would like your help in collecting some software descriptions from the work you commonly perform as well as an idea of the sorts of things you would like to know about software or the data software produces.

* 1. We would like to know a little about you before we start to help us understand the user community, however this is optional and you can complete this survey anonymously. If you would rather not give any details simply continue on.