Corporate Business Plan

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 Strategic planning

Strategic planning, sometimes referred to as the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework, is a systematic and goal-oriented way of looking at the Shire’s future. Strategic planning is based on the idea that the Shire needs to consider the future and make decisions today that will help reach our community goals.

The strategic planning process can be simplified into three main components: Why, What, and How.

The “Why” component involves setting a vision for the future and a purpose for the organisation

The “What” component involves setting long-term goals and outcomes that if achieved reach the vision.

The “How” component involves developing an action plan for achieving the goals and outcomes. These are the multiple steps, which lead to the goals. This includes identifying projects, activities and actions
The Strategic Community Plan (SCP) sets out the community's 'Why' and the "What'

The Corporate Business Plan (CBP) identifies the 'How'