This survey is our way to find out your thoughts about communities across the southwest. 
* Please remember that there are no right or wrong answers.
* This survey is voluntary.
* At any time during the survey, you can choose not to complete the survey.
* Your answers on this survey are private and will be kept confidential.

* 1. Where do you live?

* 2. How old are you today?

* 3. What do you identify as?

* 4. How important are the following needs/priorities for you?

  Not Important Neutral or N/A Important Very Important
Access and availability of programs/services (eg, no wait-lists, 24/7 access)
Child and/or family specific programs (eg, daycares, single parent supports)
Cultural inclusion and diversity (eg, cultural awareness, gender equality)
Drugs and Substance Abuse (eg, detox facility, services for substance users)
Employment support (eg, resumes, job training)
Economic Support (eg, funding for programs)
Harm Reduction (eg, safe needle exchange, condom availability program)
Housing (eg, affordable housing, emergency shelters)
Language (eg, translation services)
Mental Health (eg, anxiety, depression, anger management supports)
Prevention (eg, community preparedness, emergency response)
Rural Programs/Services (eg, services available in my community)
Sexual Health (eg, sexual education/training, sexual abuse prevention)
Social Supports (eg, friends, family, peers)
Speciality Services and Programs (eg, cancer treatment, doctors accepting new patients)
Transportation (eg, accessible transit, transportation to rural towns)
Wellness (eg, food/nutrition, physical activity)

* 5. What programs/supports do you know about in the community that can help you?

* 6. What stops you from accessing programs/services?

  Never Sometimes Often Always
Transportation (limited/no ride)
Programs cost too much money
You're busy
It's difficult to commit to going all the time (frequency)
Others would judge me
There are no programs that meet my needs
It's not going to help (pointless)
I'm scared/ don't know what to expect 
Everyone is going to know I have a problem if I go
Language barriers (don't understand)

* 7. Is there any thing you think would make the community a better place?

* 8. Where do you find out about events, programs and activities?

* 9. Thank you for taking time to fill out this survey. If you would like your name entered to win 1 of 3 $100.00 Co-op gift cards please provide the information below.