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Please test Swayable.com and answer the below questions in detail.

* 1. What browser are you using?

* 2. Go to Swayable.com Home Page and provide feedback on:

* 3. Next, go to Swayable Registration and create an account.

* 4. Next go to Random Swayables - vote on 3 of the Swayables.

* 5. Next - Go to - Getting Started and read through this page.

* 6. Go to: Create Swayable and follow the instructions to create a swayable (if you are not logged in, you will be prompted to login).

* 7. On the "Next Step: Share your Swayable page" Please share your swayable via email (you can just share via email to lindsey@swayable.com) or via one of the social networks listed on the page.

* 8. Overall Feedback - Please provide any additional feedback for the experience at Swayable.com.

-Example - What did you like best and additional suggestions for the site.

* 9. Will you use Swayable.com again?

* 10. Enter the name you registered your Swayable.com account under. (this is also the name you enter to complete the HIT on Mechanical Turk) I use this to validate you've completed the survey.

If you have any additional feedback or screenshots that you'd like to send - please email Lindsey@Swayable.com