2017 Parks Survey

Shoreham Downs Park is located at South Lakeshore Drive and Wissing Lane. Our park is truly an outstanding place for meeting many of the recreational and emotional needs of our residents and in providing a nearby setting to commune with nature.

The Village’s Master Plan instructs us to “continue the high level of maintenance at the park, as well as continue to use it as a venue to host community-based events.” In order to do so successfully, direct input from Village residents will help shape the directions in which we proceed.

Paper copies of the survey are also available at the Village Hall on Wednesdays  between 10 am and 2 pm, or may be requested via US Mail by calling the Village Clerk at 269-429-8560.  The survey will remain open until December 15. 

Thank you for participating!

Question Title

* 1. Please comment on the importance of some of the existing features of the park; regardless of importance, please also check the box at the right if you feel that that particular facet needs improvement at this time.

baseball/softball diamond with backstop
basketball court
lawn volleyball net
older children's play area and facilities
pavilion/picnic area
restroom facilities
soccer field
tennis courts
walking path
young children's play area and facilities

Question Title

* 2. Below are some ideas for improvements to the park which have been put forth for consideration. Indicate which of these concepts you feel are worth pursuing.

At this point, please do not take into consideration what kind of costs may possibly be involved. There is no intention and there are no plans for funding any such improvements with any additional tax dollars.

We are looking for a prioritization before pursuing any of these any further.

  Highly worth pursuing Worth pursuing Neutral Not worth pursuing
converting the basketball area to a full court size
adding more benches for sitting
renovating the old barn behind the red fence into a small community center
adding additional parking
replacing some of the playground equipment
building permanent restroom facilities
converting the soccer field to a regulation-sized youth field
resurfacing the tennis courts
adding a sand volleyball area
enlarging and/or widening the walking paths