In July 2018, Shape Up SF Coalition shared its new strategic framework with the Coalition, and specifically the focus on 1) building capacity of HEAL stakeholders; 2) advancing efforts to address policy, systems, and environments; and 3) ope rationalizing diversity, equity and inclusion throughout our work. Our priorities remain:

1) Increasing access to healthy food
2) Increasing opportunities for physical activity
3) Increasing consumption of tap water
4) Decreasing consumption of sugary drinks

Since July 2018, Shape Up SF launched two action teams: Capacity Building Action Team (CBAT) and Policy, Systems and Environments Action Team (PSEAT) to further the work of the Coalition. An ad hoc committee called Equity Action Team (E.A.T.) was formed in spring 2019 to focus on recruitment of new Steering Committee members and to develop an equity action plan for the Coalition. 

CBAT just held a first of its kind meeting between HEAL funders and nonprofits to start a dialogue with private philanthropy about their role to support chronic disease prevention in innovative new ways. for more information.

PSEAT has been meeting with elected officials to (re-)introduce them to the Coalition and its priorities, and understand how the policy makers' priorities align with the Coalitions.

At the October Coalition meeting, the Shape Up Steering Committee shared its focus on health equity with the broader Coalition with a presentation by Jessica Brown to discuss what health equity means to you and how it can be operationalized in the Coalition's work.

The Coalition has also focused on creating a learning community and providing intentional opportunities for networking. The meetings are now being hosted by community partners. In April, the meeting was hosted by CARECEN and Asociacion Mayab in the heart of the Mission, and the July meeting will be hosted by the Tenderloin Healthy Corner Store Coalition at the Alexander Community Room in the Tenderloin.

Please reflect on the past year (July 2018 - July 2019) and answer the following questions about the Shape Up SF Coalition. Thank you for your important feedback!

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* 1. The mission of the Shape Up SF Coalition is to convene partners for greater collective impact in order to create equitable and sustainable environments, systems and policies that promote healthy eating and active living where they live, work, learn and play. Please rate how well the Coalition's activities this year reflect its mission.

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* 3. Please rank the statement below. The Shape Up SF Coalition reflects the diversity of the community and impacted populations they serve.

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* 4. The Capacity Building Action Team (CBAT) focused on assessing the strengths and needs of nonprofits working on healthy eating/active living (HEAL) and conversations with funders of HEAL. Based on this information, Shape Up partnered with the Northern California Grantmakers to convene a meeting of HEAL funders and nonprofits to discuss how they could leverage the soda tax dollars to increase impact of HEAL through funding capacity building and investing in human infrastructure, the greatest identified need among the nonprofits surveyed.

How well do you feel that these activities align with the mission of the Shape Up SF Coalition and its focus to support capacity building of HEAL stakeholders?

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* 5. The Policy, Systems and Environments Action Team (PSEAT) organized visits with the Board of Supervisors and their staff to (re-)introduce them to the Coalition, our priorities, and to identify areas of alignment and potential champions of our work. These meetings included Steering Committee members, Coalition members and partners, and constituents. 

How well do you feel these activities align/support the mission of the Shape Up SF Coalition?

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* 6. Diversity, equity and inclusion must permeate the work of the Shape Up SF Coalition. These are the activities that Shape Up SF has engaged in this year related to diversity, equity and inclusion:
  • The Steering Committee formed an ad hoc Equity Action Team (E.A.T.) to do some preliminary thinking about how to operationalize diversity, equity and inclusion. E.A.T. is currently focused on recruitment of new Steering Committee members to increase representation of our priority populations at the table and will develop an equity action plan.
  • In order to engage new and diverse partnerships, the Coalition is providing stipends for community partners to host the quarterly Coalition meetings and providing healthy snacks from local businesses. The April Coalition meeting was packed with new partners at the table.
  • The Steering Committee established community agreements that will ground every single meeting to create a safe space for learning, growth and collaboration.
  • The Coalition hosted a training and discussion by Jessica Brown at the October 2018 Coalition meeting to discuss health and racial equity, and what health equity means to you and to your work.
Please rate how well these activities reflect the Coalition's commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

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* 7. How satisfied are you with the Coalition's communications? This includes at meetings, through newsletters and listservs.

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* 8. Do you have any comments/suggestions about how the Coalition could improve or focus in its three areas:

1) Capacity building
2) Policy, systems and environments
3) Diversity, equity, and inclusion

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* 9. Additional feedback

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* 10. To be entered into a raffle, please complete the survey by August 30, 2019 and provide your contact info below.