Information on Becoming a CARF Surveyor

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Thank you for expressing interest in becoming a surveyor; we recently streamlined our application process. Please visit the Become a Surveyor page, located on the CARF website to learn more about the unique opportunity to survey. 
Candidates for surveyor positions must:
  • Be currently employed in a CARF-accredited organization, or be employed by a governmental entity that works with CARF-accredited organizations.
  • Have at least five years of current experience in the field. The experience must be in the program or service area for which the individual is applying to survey, or in an administrative or managerial position.
  • Have direct experience with the CARF standards.
  • Not be employed with or perform any services for a competing accrediting body.

To begin the surveyor application process, go to our Careers Page
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Again, thank you for your interest in becoming a CARF surveyor.