Surveyor Interest Questionnaire

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As a cornerstone of its peer-review survey process, CARF International’s part-time, intermittent surveyors are professionals in their fields with full-time responsibilities independent of CARF. The success of CARF in accomplishing its mission depends on the technical accuracy of surveyors in applying CARF standards and how the surveyors conduct themselves during the survey.

Candidates for surveyor positions must:
  • Be currently employed in a CARF-accredited organization or employed by a governmental entity that works to improve the quality of human services.
  • Have at least five years of current experience in the field. The experience must be in the program or service area for which the individual is applying to survey or in an administrative or managerial position.
  • Direct experience with CARF standards.
  • Not be employed with or perform any services for a competing accrediting body.
  • Be available to conduct a minimum of three surveys per calendar year (January 1–December 31), including two surveys within the first six months following initial training.
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Once you start the questionnaire, it is advised to complete it in its entirety. If you stop without completing, you will be able to access the questionnaire again, but all previously entered information will be lost. The entire questionnaire is expected to take a minimum of 10 minutes.