Site Surveyor Program Evaluation Form

The Medical Assisting Education Review Board requests that you complete this Site Surveyor Evaluation form for EACH of the team members who conducted the on-site survey for your institution. Please complete this form, taking the time to evaluate each statement honestly. You will note that you will fill out one section for the Team Coordinator and one section for the Team Member.

Please feel free to send the link to this survey to other people at the institution who interacted with the CAAHEP/MAERB surveyors.

MAERB values your honest feedback to this survey and requests your prompt response. This evaluation has absolutely no effect on the accreditation decision, and, as a matter of fact, the MAERB members do not even review these evaluations until after the accreditation decision has been made.

NOTE: There is an extra Team Member section for programs that were visited by three surveyors. Please disregard if not applicable.

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* 1. Please fill out the following:

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* 2. Indicate your role at the institution or with the program.

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* 3. How much time did you spend with the surveyors?