How Are We Doing?


To insure that we are meeting the needs of our clients, we would like to hear your opinions about the mental health and/or substance abuse services that were provided to you (or your family) by FCS and our staff.

Your participation is completely voluntary and your answers will remain anonymous. Please give us your honest opinion of our services.

We look forward to reviewing the information that we receive and finding ways to improve our services.
We would appreciate your feedback on our performance.

Thank you!
Fremont Counseling Service

* 1. Month of Survey Response

* 2. Please answer the following questions:

  Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree N/A
Since I have received services at FCS I am better at handling daily life.
The FCS offices are in convenient locations.
I am in charge of managing my treatment.
I decided my goals for treatment - my treatment goals were not decided for me.
I know when I will be ready to end treatment.
I feel comfortable asking questions about my treatment.
I would recommend FCS to a friend or family member.
I would recommend my treatment provider to a friend or family member.
Overall, I am satisfied with the services I received from FCS.
I was treated with courtesy and respect by the staff at FCS.
Services were provided in a timely manner.
Efforts were made to ensure and maintain my privacy and confidentiality.
I understood the explanations about the FCS intake forms and billing process.
The FCS offices are comfortable and accessible.
FCS appointments are available at times that are good for me.

* 3. Tell us a little about you:

* 4. Why did you come to Fremont Counseling for services?

* 5. I received services in:

* 6. I received services from:

* 7. FCS identified services as:

* 8. How has your life improved since you've worked with us? What has been the most helpful about the services you have received? Is there anything that would have made your visit(s) better? What would improve the services we provide? Please feel free to share any of your comments.

* 9. Would you like to speak to someone about your visit today? If so, please provide us with information on how we can reach you.