Family Rights Group is now undertaking an important survey of FGC projects. We need you to fill this in, so that the FGC Network can have maximum impact in influencing policy and practice at national level. Please fill in a survey for each FGC service you run (e.g. if you run an FGC service in 2 local authorities please fill in 2 surveys).

Family Rights Group undertakes a bi-annual survey of the National FGC network to capture the current issues in FGC practice. The FGC network with now over 100 member projects is a powerful voice of the FGC community Your experience is critical:

- In informing the development of an accreditation system for FGC projects

- In influencing the effectiveness of the FRG/FGC Network's lobbying, including demonstrating the impact of FGCs, their cost effectiveness and the state of FGC services currently.

- Identifying new innovations/developments and also research/practice gaps/areas that need to be addressed e.g. whether disabled children are being offered an FGC in the same way as their non-disabled counterparts.

- In informing the development of the FGC Network - including how the Network can best meet your needs.

- Identifying training and development courses that you require, or ideas which inform FRG's future priorities.

We would appreciate you sending in the completed survey by Friday 13 January 2012.