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The Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) provides grants for candidate support sites to assist NBPTS candidates. Candidate surveys reveal that regular support site participation reduces the anxiety and confusion of NBPTS candidacy and provides much-needed formative feedback and moral support. Candidate support sites are coordinated by National Board Certified Teachers who are trained to facilitate candidate support.

Each center's maximum capacity is limited, so registration is on a first-come basis. If a candidate support site reaches maximum capacity or does not have enough candidate registrations, candidates will be given the opportunity to register at another center. 

PLEASE REGISTER TO ATTEND ONLY ONE (1) support site. Click SUBMIT when finished.
**Support site locations are subject to change within the coop area.

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*Provided by NBPTS when you registered online and paid the $75.00 registration fee. This number begins with "C03" or "03".

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* 5. Candidates may register to attend ONE (1) of the following support sites PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER TO ATTEND MORE THAN ONE (1). Each site is for initial candidates, candidates renewing, and candidates doing retakes.


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NOTE: Candidates attending classes offered by institutions of higher education ARE INVITED to attend one of the above ADE funded candidate support centers. Once all support sites are established, a list of candidates registered will be given to each  site coordinator.

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