Advertising Opportunities

Businesses wanting to advertise with us

If you’re a great businesses, who can help our entrants succeed, then we’d love to promote what you do on our website for the world to see.  Simply offer a great deal, discount or prize exclusively to our entrants and/or their personal trainers. There’s no other costs but in order for it to work there are a few pre-requisites.

1.       In 2017 we're going global which means your business needs to operate at a national level or even globally and any give-away or discount can be redeemed by entrants nationwide in your country and/or globally.

2.       Your discount is for 20% or more – conditions can apply for instance it may only be redeemable on certain products, to a limited number of people for a limited time period. There’s no minimum value to any prizes however.

3.       It helps if you get creative – think of ways to get entrants interacting with you in the process of claiming the discount or winning the prize – it also makes it more fun for our entrants.

 Please note we are unable to promote dietary supplements or shakes. Check out some of what sponsors got up to here.

The Challenge starts May 1st and finishes September 17th.  Give us a call anytime 0011 64 272766462 if you'd like to chat more about ideas and how we could make this partnership work for you.

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* 1. Your full name

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* 2. Your email address

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* 3. Your cell phone number

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* 4. Please describe your business. This is for putting on our website and should read exactly as you would like it to read.  For those who were on our website in 2016 you can see what we wrote about you via this link (Note - the word limit of your combined answers to both Q.6 and Q.7 is 300).

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* 5. Describe your offer to this year's entrants.

We'll be excited by whatever you come up with but from previous experience we'd say you'll get most bang for buck by creating something a little bit fun and crazy around your offering, as an example you might say something like..

'We have two pairs of shoes to give away, simply post a picture on our Facebook page before August 14th, of where you'd most love to go running and tag in a buddy you'd like to go agree to post a picture a week of their runs until the end of the challenge etc' i.e. encourage entrants to interact with you and/or tag in their buddies in the process. 

Just remember that any prizes or deals need to be redeemable nationwide and to help entrants feel super special and discounts should be of 20% or more but there's no minimum value to straight out prizes or gifts - you can giveaway a cuppa of coffee if you like :-).

You can still gift a prize to the winner of a category of your choice - which is always a good way to ensure you are included in mentions, articles, photos etc after the Awards.

Please write your deal exactly as you'd like it to read - including how to enter, win or redeem, when it will be drawn and how winners will be notified.    This will stay up on the website October 28th and can't be altered until then.  If you think you'd like to alter it maybe set up a page on your website for 20 Week Challenge Entrant Deals and simply provide us with a link that sends our entrants to it.

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* 6. Contact details as you'd like them to read on our website i.e. website, facebook, phone numbers, email addresses etc.

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* 7. Just to confirm are your offer/s redeemable by people

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* 8. Any other questions?  Ideas? Thoughts? Jot them down here or give us a call.  We'll confirm with you when your listing is up.