UB Supermarket Selections Study

Thank you for your interest in the Supermarket Selections Study! This survey is the first step in determining your eligibility for this study.


The purpose of this study is to see how parents make food buying decisions in an online grocery store.


Mother's 18 or older with a BMI ≥ 25.0 and at least one child aged 2-15.


Adults willing to participate in the study will fill out this initial screening survey. If initially eligible, you will be scheduled for an appointment at the Division of Behavioral Medicine Lab.

At the appointment you will sign consent forms. Then, you will complete three tasks for five minutes each (e.g. playing three mobile application games). When you are done with the three short tasks, you will be randomly assigned to one of three groups. In two of the groups you will go on to complete a task that asks you to think about the future, and to generate sentences (which we call cues), that ask you to think about the the future. Participants in one of those future groups will also include a future health goal in their cues. In the other group you will be asked to generate cues about the three tasks (e.g. games) you have just completed.

Regardless of the group you are randomized to, after your cues have been created, you will complete an online grocery shopping task. We will briefly train you on how to use the website and how to successfully complete the task. When you successfully complete a very short pre-task that asks you to add breakfast items to your hypothetical grocery cart, you will begin the actual task which asks you to shop for a weeks’ worth of groceries for your family.

Once you have completed the online grocery task you will fill out several questionnaires on demographics (age, education, etc.), general parenting practices, recent and future thoughts, hypothetical choices regarding money, your thoughts about your diet quality and your general food intake. Lastly, you will have your height and weight recorded.

Upon completion of the study, you will be given $25.00 in cash. You will also have a 1-in-10 chance to win a $100.00 gift card to a local grocery store. After every 10 participants, ID numbers are entered into a random number generator that selects one number. The participant with the matching ID number will be a study winner and will be asked to come back to the lab to receive the cash and sign a receipt. Those who do not win will receive an e-mail letting them know the drawing has been concluded and they did not win.

* 1. In order to determine your eligibility for participation, specific personal questions will be asked and recorded into a private database maintained by the Division of Behavioral Medicine. This database will include contact information, interest/willingness to participate in future studies, and your answers to any specific eligibility criteria discussed during this screen. This information will only be kept in the database, with your consent, to help recruitment for future studies.

Your participation is always voluntary and you may stop participation at any time. Any information related to you will be treated in strict confidence to the extent provided by law.

To determine if you are eligible, please continue on to complete the Eligibility survey. We will not be able to schedule an appointment until you complete this survey either online or or email us to schedule an eligibility survey by phone.