1. Overview

This survey is an opportunity for the Summit County community to engage in a new strategic process funded by the US Department of Agriculture-Rural Development (USDA-RD) called REDI (Rural Economic Development Innovation). The Freeport McMoRan Foundation has provided a one-for-one funding match to the federal dollars for the Summit County process.
REDI provides free technical assistance to U.S. communities with under 50,000 people. Summit County was one of 47 communities selected after a competitive bidding process against 84 other regions. Summit County leaders selected to work with a consultant team of McClure Placemaking and CO.STARTERS to facilitate the REDI process.
In addition to this survey, the consultant team will be conducting extensive stakeholder input in Summit County. The final product of the REDI process will be high-impact projects designed to drive equitable job growth and wealth creation in Summit County.
REDI is leveraging and complementing an existing local strategic effort called the Summit Prosperity Initiative (SPI). SPI has focused on five PROSPERITY ELEMENTS to build a sustainable, prosperous community providing for economic opportunity while protecting Summit County's community values.
The 5 Prosperity Elements are:
  • Resilient Economy
  • Affordable Housing
  • Community Health & Equity
  • Responsible Tourism
  • Infrastructure
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