Hello Readers!

We'd like your feedback on this summer's reading programs. Please take a moment to answer these questions, so we can plan an even more spectacular summer next year!

* 1. As a summer reader or as a parent of a summer reading participant, did the summer reading program help your child/teen in the following areas:
(Check all that apply)

* 2. Did the Avon Library's Summer Reading Program FOR CHILDREN meet your expectations?

* 3. Did the the Avon Library's Summer Reading Program FOR TEENS meet your expectations?

* 4. Tell us in your own words about your experience with the library this summer:

* 5. Did you attend the Farmer's Market?

* 6. How did you feel about the quantity of adult programs this summer?
(There was an adult program scheduled every day of the week).

* 7. Next summer, would you like for the Avon Library to organize an Adult Reading Program similiar to the Teen and Children Program, with incentives for reading books and an online book log?

* 8. Overall, what level of satisfaction did you experience with the Avon Library's Summer Reading program?