Grant Overview

The Sullivan Foundation seeks to fund faculty and staff grant proposals that support (1) professional development, (2) service, (3) social innovation / entrepreneurship, or (4) leadership projects that benefit faculty learning or student engagement.


The goals of the Sullivan Foundation Faculty and Staff Development Grant are to:
  • Grow leaders and ambassadors for service and leadership.
  • Connect students, schools, and communities to service, leadership, and innovation opportunities.
  • Develop tools that can be applied to service projects or programs both in and outside the classroom.
  • Faculty and staff associated with a Sullivan school are eligible to apply. To determine if you are associated with a school in the Sullivan Network, please visit 
  • Must have attended a Sullivan Ignite Retreat in the previous 12 months from application date.
Grant Proposal Guidelines
  • The Sullivan Foundation set aside $7,500 in grant funds to distribute, with a maximum grant award of $500.00 for each proposal. Funding can be used as a portion of a larger project, if the project is completed by 9-month deadline.
  • Upon project completion, grantees are required to present the project impact at one of the two Sullivan Ignite Retreats in the following calendar year.  
  • Award cycles are once per month throughout the year. Grants submitted by the last day of the month will be reviewed the following month. Granting decisions will be finalized within 30 days from submission. For example, if a submission is received on February 23rd, an approved or denied decision will be finalized by March 31st.
  • Grants must be completed within 9-months from receiving approval.
  • Must submit a slide deck on the project to the Faculty Resource Google drive