This survey produced by Forward For Life in partnership with Common Unity Social Enterprise, is to gain opinion from Voluntary Sector Organisations their thoughts around suicide and future options for helping our communities become "suicide safer."

No organisational identifiable data will be shared outside of Forward For Life and Common Unity. Any information supplied in the form of reports/analysis for wider distribution will hold no organisational identifiable data.

The information received from this survey will help inform future planning and development in the field of suicide prevention and will be available as a report at as part of World Suicide Prevention Week (Week Commencing 8th September 2013)

* 1. So we know the nature of your organisation, please provide us with

A) Lead Contact Name
B) Organisation Name
C) Organisation Address
D) Contact Email address

* 2. Please provide us with a very brief overview of the services your organisation provides.

* 3. Has your organisation ever been affected by suicide?

* 4. What level of knowledge do you feel your organisation holds in relation to Suicide Prevention?

* 5. Where would you currently seek advise/support as an organisation in relation to suicide prevention?

* 6. What specific Suicide Prevention interventions/programmes of work (if any) is your organisation aware of locally?

* 7. What Suicide Prevention interventions/programmes of work (if any) does your organisation think should be put in place locally?

* 8. What does your organisation think might be some of the barriers that exist in relation to suicide prevention programmes being developed?

* 9. What does your organisation think might be some of the benefits that may exist in relation to suicide prevention programmes being developed?

* 10. In relation to suicide prevention, on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest priority), how important does your organisation feel the following areas are?

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Suicide Awareness Raising/Campaigning
Suicide Prevention Training (Professionals)
Suicide Prevention Training (Communities)
Development of a local suicide prevention strategy
Development of a local Suicide Prevention Forum
Local Investment

* 11. Which areas, if any, covered in the previous question would your organisation be interested in hearing more about or getting involved in directly?

* 12. If you wish to receive more information regarding suicide prevention programmes in the future and/or wish to get directly involved please tick "YES" below and we will get in touch with you.

Your personal details will be secure and will not be used in any other respect.

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