1. Overview

The main purpose of this survey is to better understand the current state of Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) practices, barriers, and acceptance across Canada. Knowledge and information gained through this study will: (1) establish the industry baseline with respect to SUE knowledge, application, usage, barriers, and value; and (2) track stakeholders' (i.e., owners, and service and technology providers) perspective on adopting SUE practices to reduce construction risks and costs, as well as to improve workers safety. 
The collected data will be used in aggregation and respondents information will be kept confidential. If you have any questions regarding this study or would like to have additional information, please contact Rizwan Younis (email: ryounis@uwaterloo.ca Tel: 519 888 4567 x36189). 
We thank you in advance for your assistance with this study and believe that the results of this study will be beneficial for all the stakeholders.