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"From the moment I met my team of huskies, I knew I was in for an exciting few days in the Canadian Wilderness. With the dogs howling excitedly and me clutching onto the back of the sled, we were ready. We raced along the trails through snow covered forests and across frozen lakes. I have to be honest and tell you that to begin with you do spend a lot of time being ploughed into large snow piles, and often end up stuck waist deep in the snow. But this is the only way to learn dogsledding and is a great part of the experience; we all came back with a lot of funny stories. After feeding the huskies in the evening we would settle in to our cosy log cabin, where a beautiful home-cooked stew was already heating on the fire. We spent our evenings telling stories and eating dinner by candlelight, before tiredness set in and we had to get some much needed sleep. This three day adventure was a true wilderness experience, and we were all very sad to return to civilisation (although the thought of a nice hot bath did help). Our last few days were spent discovering the beautiful cities of Quebec and Montreal, visiting the incredible Icehotel and participating in some of the many winter activities on offer. This was a incredible tour, and I cannot recommend it enough. Dogsledding in Canada is a experience I will never forget."

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