The Department of Communication is proud to support undergraduate and graduate Communication major students interested in pursuing study abroad opportunities. As a result of more and more students interested in studying outside of the United States and the educational value that can be obtained, the Department of Communication is offering scholarhips that are available to assist with the financial side of this experience. Student grants are awarded based on merit, financial need and length of study abroad experience.


• Full-time or part-time UC students matriculated in the Department of Communication degree program
• In good standing at the University (overall GPA greater than 2.0)
• Zero balance (no delinquent obligations) in student account
• Participating in a credit-bearing program: either a pre-approved UC program or an external program for which you have approval from your Academic Advisor
• Long or short-term program
• Independent study, research, performances, and conference participation not eligible
• Maximum one grant per 12 month period

Your application will be judged first on merit. Financial need and the duration of the experience will be considered in determining award amounts. Preference will be given to first-time grant recipients.

Online Proposal due December 1, 2014 for international activities beginning after January 1, 2015-April 1, 2015 (UC Spring Semester)

Online Proposal due March 15, 2014 for international activities beginning after April 1, 2015-August 15, 2015 (UC Summer Semester)

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