8 HOUR RULE Does it matter?

This survey is being conducted by CAREERS: The Next Generation to determine if there will be negative impacts on opportunities for high-school youth (15-19 yrs) to engage in paid internships if there is an 8 hour maximum imposed on eligible hours for off-campus work experience/paid internships.  

CAREERS is committed to enabling youth on their path to rewarding careers. We do this by working with employers to open opportunities for high-school students to earn while they learn as part of building a talent pool of future skilled workers.  In 2014-15 CAREERS, in partnership with Alberta high schools, linked over 1050 companies with more than 1500 youth for paid internships.   

* 1. What industry do you primarily work in

* 2. Do you employ youth (15-19 yrs) in any of these categories (choose all that apply)

* 3. Does your job-site require that individuals be available to work in excess of 8 hours

* 4. Is your work site accessible via public transportation, LRT, etc.

* 5. Would you provide high-school students with short-term paid internships and/or allow them to gain trade hours  if  Alberta Education restricts eligible work hours to a maximum of 8 hours/day.