* 1. What is your current level of education?

* 2. What is(was) your main source of information preparing you for professional school? (Choose one and give specifics. i.e. organization-MAPS)

* 3. For what reasons do or did you have contact with your advisor? (select more than one)

* 4. On average, how often do or did you have contact with your advisor?

* 5. Are you a non-traditional (age, disability) or minority student? If so, do you think your advisor meets or met the needs of the non-traditional and minority students?

* 6. How often does or did your advisor provide you with different opportunities within your field of study without you asking?

* 7. If you have taken the GRE, MCAT, DAT or PCAT, did your advisor play an integral part in you completing your standardized exam for professional school in a timely manner?

* 8. I feel or felt informed about applying to professional schools and summer opportunities.

* 9. What is the best advice your advisor has given you?

* 10. What is the worst advice your advisor has given you?

* 11. If you have applied for professional school, what are some things you wish your advisor would have told you before applying?

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