Study Title: Integrating Self-Care as a Core Competency in APA-Accredited Clinical Psychology Doctoral Programs: Preliminary Perspectives from Students and Faculty

Investigator:  Neil Rigney, M.S.
                        Doctoral Student in Psychology
                        Chestnut Hill College
                        9601 Germantown Avenue
                        Philadelphia, PA 19118-2693

                        Private phone number: (732) 779-2800

Purpose of the Research: This study is being conducted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Psychology at Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The researcher is interested in examining perspectives of clinical psychology doctoral students and faculty in regard to proposed initiatives for incorporating self-care at the programmatic level.

Selection of Participants: Participants are selected based on the following criteria: at least 18 years of age or older and currently enrolled in an APA-accredited doctoral clinical psychology program in the second year or higher. Faculty members must have completed a minimum of one year as a faculty member of an APA-accredited doctoral level clinical psychology program. Participants will not be excluded from the study based on demographic variables they provide.

General Study Procedures: After permission is secured to participate in the study by signing the informed consent form, participants will be asked to complete a demographic questionnaire followed by one survey. This study will take approximately ten minutes to complete, as most of the items require Likert-type rating responses. In addition, there will be one optional open-ended question at the end of the survey requesting suggestions for integrating self-care as a competency at the programmatic level. Participation in the study is completely voluntary.

Confidentiality: All information provided will be completely confidential. Identifying information will never be associated with your responses to the survey. Only the researcher will have a record of your participation. In the event an email address was provided in a completed survey (e.g. participation in the gift card raffle), it will be stored in its own password- encrypted file and deleted from the survey response.  All information and data from this study will be stored in password-protected files on a secure, off-line hard-drive held in a locked filing cabinet in the researcher’s private home office. Data resulting from completed surveys will also be stored in the Chestnut Hill College IRB database for a period of five years following the defense of the dissertation. The IRB database is held in a secure office at Chestnut Hill College’s main campus.
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