Survey introduction and demographic questions


The purpose of this study is to learn how medical students in Europe are taught about antibiotic prescribing and using antibiotics appropriately (‘prudent antibiotic prescribing’). We greatly appreciate your completion of the survey. The results will be used to suggest improvements to existing curricula, and will be published in national and international peer-reviewed journals.

The survey should take five to ten minutes to complete, please try to answer all questions. There are 20 questions in total. All responses are anonymous and will be stored confidentially.


* 1. How old are you? (in years)

* 2. What is your sex?

* 3. What is the full duration of your medical training in your medical school?

* 4. Will you complete your studies at medical school before the end of September 2016? (will you graduate from medical school, and be able to work as a junior doctor/begin your internship, by September 2016)

Please note, this survey is only for students who are in their final year (or in their final two semesters)

* 5. Are you a citizen in the country in which you are studying medicine?