Welcome to the Student Experience Survey

Thank you for taking the time to help us understand the student experience better. Participation in this study gives you an opportunity to share and reflect on your experiences as a student at UTAS particularly in relation to student support and safety. You are eligible to participate in this study because you are currently studying at the University of Tasmania and this therefore makes you an expert on the student experience. In this way, your reflections will be invaluable in helping us to increase the quality of the student experience.

This study has been approved by the Tasmanian Social Science Human Ethics Committee.

* 1. To be placed in the draw for $750 worth of STA travel vouchers and additional Coop book vouchers please add your email address here. Your address will only be used for this purpose. Please note that you must complete the survey to qualify for the draw.

* 2. What student support have you accessed during your time at university?

* 3. What are the student supports that you know exist?

  knew existed know what it offers know,when, where and how to access did not know about this service
Career Development and Employment Services
Student Advisers (Faculty or International)
CALD support (Culturally and Linquistically Diverse)
Disability Support Services
Community Friends and Networks Programme (CFNP)
CALT Learning Support
English Assist

* 4. Do you see a need for any other services related to student support, which are not presently provided? If so why?