* 1. Central nervous system reorganization contributes to reovery through the following mechanisms:

* 2. An optimal rehabilitation environment includes:

* 3. What does the term stroke mimic mean?

* 4. The risk of constipation is increased by which of the following?

* 5. Dysphagia is the:

* 6. The most common visual impairment following stroke is:

* 7. List two non-physical post-stroke effect that can also affect sexuality post-stroke.

* 8. In non-diabetic individuals, the Canadian hypertension Education Program states to treat to a target blood pressure of:

* 9. Patients with aphasia may become socially isolated.

* 10. Premorbid education, learning and cognition are not factors to consider with performance of activities of daily living after a stroke.

* 11. The hemiplegic shoulder is prone to stiffness, so passive range of motion beyond 90 degrees should be done regularly.

* 12. The stroke survivor may experience feelings that do not match their behaviour.