Welcome to New Hampshire Fish and Game's online striped bass angler survey! We're excited to have your input and appreciate your time in participating. Your reports provide vital information for striped bass management as the data are used by state and federal fisheries biologists to assess the status of the striped bass populations each year.

This survey allows you to submit details on up to 2 different striped bass fishing trips. We encourage you to report all of your striped bass fishing trips, whether you catch stripers or not! And, if you have more than 2 trips to report, please return and complete the survey again.

This survey will close on December 31st. We hope to have the survey data summarized and on our website early next year. Watch for a press release or summary report at www.fishnh.com. Again, thank you for your time and interest in participating!

Please click on “next” to enter your striped bass fishing report(s).