Good Strategy and Optimism Survey: The Centre for Optimism

We are in a global pandemic in various states of lockdown and states of emergency. What's your strategy for enduring this period and powering into the recovery?   Has your strategy changed?  

What can you learn from others and what wisdom can you share?

"It does not matter what strategies you adopt to achieve your goals, as long as they include optimism in the ‘how’ and ‘why’..." 

The Centre for Optimism asks "What makes you Optimistic?"  In this survey, we ask "does optimism underpin your strategy?" and "how does optimism power your strategy?"

In gratitude for the completion of this survey, we offer one year's free subscription to The Centre for Optimism and access to the results of this survey on the day of release.

Question Title

* 1. Do you believe that the purpose and objectives of strategy should be optimistic in nature?

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