1. Introduction and Open-Ended Questions


Introduction: LibraryLinkNJ is looking towards the future and embarking on a new strategic planning process.  The resulting Strategic Plan will cover FY18 - FY20.  As a multi-type Cooperative, we are looking forward to hearing from all of our constituencies.

The focus of this planning process, led by the consulting firm of Maverick & Boutique, is to chart a course that allows LLNJ to thrive in service to its members. To do that, we're exploring current and future trends and how they affect libraries and their users. We're also looking at what is and isn't working for our members now and how we might take action to create a vibrant future together. Your input is vital to the creation of our next strategic plan.

This survey is not just for library administrators. We are specifically inviting staff representing all library roles and generational identities to help share the future of LibraryLinkNJ and NJ libraries.

Some of you attended one of our Stakeholder Engagement Workshops.  You will recognize the first three questions.  You can pass them by, but you are free to add information if you choose.  It's important that you do proceed to answer the rest of survey.

Survey Deadline: Friday, April 21, 2017

Thank you very much for your participation,

Kathy Schalk-Greene,
LibraryLinkNJ Executive Director
April 3, 2017

* 1. Understanding the context: What's happening in the world right now that is having--or will have--a big effect on libraries in New Jersey, their people and the people they serve? Consider all scales (global, national, local) and opportunities as well as challenges. Your thoughts might include everything from global interconnectedness through technology to the needs of New Americans in your home community.

* 2. Strategic Analysis: Thinking about the challenges and opportunities we face, what are NJ libraries and the library community doing really well that we want to KEEP? What isn't working that we might do well to ABANDON? What might we INVENT or REINVENT that would make a big difference to our success? Please organize your ideas by category, e.g.: KEEP: …, ABANDON: …., INVENT …., REINVENT

* 3. If you need more room for any of the above responses, please continue here

* 4. Taking Action: what is an action step/project/initiative that could help create your desired future for NJ libraries? This might be a project that LLNJ initiates and you collaborate on, or one that you would like to start and involve partners like LLNJ, New Jersey Library Association, New Jersey State Library or others to help make it happen.