Thanks so much for taking the time to complete this survey. In order to continue being a vibrant parish, we need your input and participation on current committees and future efforts. The survey is very user-friendly as it is multiple choice. However, at the end you will find a section titled "Your Thoughts and Suggestions." Please take advantage of the opportunity to provide your ideas and thoughts.
Thanks again!

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Events Committee:
Organizes various parish events to create opportunities for fellowship. Examples are Pasta Night, St Patrick's Dinner, Easter Egg Hunt, and the Parish BBQ to name a few. The Events Committee Team organizes food, decorations and books entertainment if necessary.

* 2. Have you attended any events ?

* 3. Would you like to see these events continue ?

* 4. Would you like to offer help on this committee ?

10:30 CCD Host Mass
Each CCD grade hosts 2 masses per school year. This is organized by 2 grade coordinator volunteers who organize the children for mass responsibilities and to coordinate the reception.

* 5. Do you have one or more children in the CCD program

* 6. Has your child participated in a host mass ?

* 7. Would you like to see these masses continue ?

* 8. Would you like to offer help on this committee ?

10:30 Mass Pull Out Program
This program presents the weekly gospel lesson to children ranging from preschool through 1st grade in an age appropriate way. A volunteer leads the children from mass to a classroom during the readings and homily. At this time, children sing, color, listen, and discuss the gospel story.

* 9. Do you have a child in this age range ?

* 10. Has your child participated in this program ?

* 11. Would you like to see this program continue ?

* 12. Would you like to help by leading the children during a mass ?

The Faith In Action Taskforce calls upon the congregation twice per year for their support during the Advent Liturgical Season and the Lenten Liturgical Season. During this time donations of food and clothing, among other items, are collected and delivered to specific organizations in need. The committee raises awareness by circulating shopping bags to be filled, decorates for kick-off reception event, organizes all donations, and transports donated items to the various organizations.

* 13. Are you aware of this initiative ?

* 14. Would you like to see this initiative continue ?

* 15. Would you like to help in some way in preparation of this initiative ?

Teen Life
This program is directed to teens in grades 9 - 12 as it helps them develop a deeper relationship with Jesus, through contemplation, service activities, and fun TGIF nights with Fr. Galens. A Teen Life room was furnished in St. Francis Hall to create a comfortable environment for the youth. Adult volunteers have many opportunities to assist with service activities or help with TGIF recreation nights in St. Francis Hall.

* 16. Do you have a child or children in this age range ?

* 17. If yes, are they participating in this program ?

* 18. Whether you have a child in the program or not, would you be interested in being an adult volunteer on occasion ?

Father Galens' Wish List for future committees

Hospitality Committee

This committee would be created to welcome new parishioners to our parish community. One idea would be to make a personal visit to the new family with a pie or something sweet, along with a parish packet containing information on the events and ministries at St Patrick's

* 19. Do you feel this committee is a good idea ?

* 20. Would you like to be involved in getting this committee started ?

Evangelization Committee
The committee would be an organized effort to bring people back to the church that have stepped away. Father would discuss thoughts and ideas on initiating this effort.

* 21. Would you like to help in getting this committee started ?

* 22. Do you feel this committee is needed ?

Your Thoughts & Suggestions
Please take a few moments to let us know your thoughts you may have on what you would like to see happening at St Patrick's; ideas that you may feel would enhance our parish and thoughts on how to make it happen. Also, you may have ideas on how to improve something that is already being done. Please use this opportunity to let us know. We will be contacting you for your help if your idea can be implemented.

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