Thank you for helping this State of Testing™ Survey - 2020!

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state of testing 2020

state of testing 2020
Thank you for your help :)
This is the first thing we want to say if you are reading these lines.  

Thanks because this survey without people like you, who take the time to answer our questions, is nothing but an empty canvas waiting for the artist to paint her masterpiece.  

And your answers, together with those from hundreds of other professionals from around the World, will help us to paint the interesting picture of how our Testing World looks today, and where are we headed as a profession towards the future.

We are on the 7th edition of this important project, and we are looking for all the inputs possible to help us understand more about the challenges and realities affecting testers around the World.  

For this we need your help.  First of all by answering the questions in this survey, and once you’ve done this, by spreading the news of this project and asking as many of your peers to answer it so that we can get inputs from as many testers as our community will allow us.

At the end of the survey you will have the option of leaving your info, and if you do this we will send you a report with the  analyzed answers from all the testing professional who answered this survey around the world.

In short, thanks for your help, and please help us to spread the word so that as many people can have a chance to answer this survey and influence the community.

-lalit & joel
January 2020

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