* 1. The City of Fort Collins has a stormwater utility to address flooding, water quality and maintenance of facilities.

* 2. Runoff (rain, snow or water that runs off of streets and years) that enters the storm drain system is treated at a wastewater treatment plant

* 3. It is better for the environment if you wash your car:

* 4. As stormwater flows over streets, parking lots and rooftops, it transports debris, chemicals, sediment and other pollutants through the storm drain system and into our local waterways.

* 5. Good water quality is important for macro-invertebrates to survive. These animals are the primary food source for:

* 6. Stormwater treatment and stream restoration are both necessary to return impacted streams to a healthy ecosystem.

* 7. The Stormwater Master Plan:

* 8. Goals of the 2012 Stormwater Master Plan update are to:

* 9. Select which of the following are components of a healthy stream:

* 10. I can see restored stream sections in Fort Collins in which of the following locations:

* 11. You must be a City of Fort Collins Utilities customer to be entered into the prize drawing. Please provide the following information in order to be included in the drawing.

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