Project Background, Objectives, and Survey Instructions

Utilities across the U.S. are evaluating options to better manage and integrate water resources due to increasing challenges associated with increasingly stringent regulations, water scarcity, competition for limited supplies, water pollution, and impacts of climate change. The potential for stormwater harvesting provides a significant opportunity to address these challenges. Stormwater harvesting can augment water supplies, improve water quality, and provide runoff reduction while providing a range of multiple benefits, such as habitat and open spaces. However, the implementation of stormwater harvesting is growing rapidly in parts of the U.S. and virtually absent in others. A range of barriers to advance stormwater harvesting exist in areas of technology, policy, and application. Developing a better understanding of current practices, policies and guidelines, knowledge gaps, and research needs for stormwater harvesting would assist in overcoming barriers and expanding its implementation across the country. The research objective for this project is to develop recommendations in a synthesis document on stormwater harvesting projects and associated research needs based on an understanding of the range of harvesting practices at local, regional, and state levels.

This survey should be completed by stormwater program managers, water supply program managers and/or staff at the agencies that implement stormwater harvesting. Some questions may require information from other departments within or outside of the organization that implements the stormwater harvesting program. Survey responses will be saved within your browser until you submit the survey.

Depending on the number of stormwater harvesting applications your organization is involved in or considering and access to data, the survey can take 15-20 minutes to complete.

 The following are the main sections in the survey:

1.      General Information

2.      Stormwater Harvesting Practices

3.      Drivers, Challenges and Barriers of Stormwater Harvesting

4.      Research Needs and Additional Information

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