1. StopCyberbullying Canada

As the StopCyberbullying Canada campaign begins, we need to know more about what all kids, tweens and teens in Canada think and what parents, teachers, law enforcement agents, health and wellness professionals and the entire community thinks about cyberbullying.

This same survey was conducted in NY State with 18,000 respondents. In addition to learning what Canadians think, we will also be comparing their responses with the NY State responses to learn how similar or different they are.

We will see how many know how and where to report cyberbullying and how to spot it. After learning more from you about your ideas and needs, we will be able to build build programs for every stakeholder, with the co-leadership of young people in Canada.

* 1. Where do you live?

* 2. How old are you? (Select one)

* 3. To understand your opinions better, please us about yourself. (Select all that apply.)

* 4. Tell us what you think about cyberbullying. (Select all that apply.)

* 5. When it comes to cyberbullying, we have to "report it, not support it." Can you spot cyberbullying? Do you know how and where to report cyberbullying? Do you play along fearing that you would be next? (Select all that apply.)

* 6. What do we need to help stop cyberbullying? (Select all that apply.)

* 7. Are you willing to help stop cyberbullying? (Select one.)

* 8. Is there anything you want to add?