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* 1. Please complete the following information:

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* 2. Which of the following best describes the locale that your charity serves?

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* 4. What is the title of project/initiative for which you are requesting funding?

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* 5. Please describe the project/initiative (in detail) for which you are requesting funding. Please be sure to include the specifics pertaining to;

1. Need & Benefit(s)

2. Social Impact

3. Innovation/Sustainability

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* 6. What is your annual funding request (in $CAD) from the Stober Foundation?

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* 8. Have you sought funding from other sources for this project/initiative?

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* 9. Which other funding sources have you applied for (if applicable)?

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* 10. Which other funders/funding sources are supporting this project/initiative (if applicable)?

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* 11. How do you plan to measure and assess the following?

1. Impact

2. Reach

3. Success

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* 12. What is the projected number of impacted lives through this project?

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* 13. Please attach, in PDF format, a budgetary breakdown of the project (including all revenue/expenses):

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The Fine Print

Thank you very much for your application to the Stober Foundation. Our foundation is passionate about partnering and working with charities and organizations, both local and around the world, to build a better tomorrow.

Our board of directors annually to review and adjudicate each and every application, providing they meet our mandates and funding criteria (as per our website).

As a foundation, we conduct a thorough, non-biased review of all applications in which we assess, score, and rank applicants to best determine funding potential/suitability.

Only those short-listed or approved for funding will be followed up with. A member of our board may reach out to applicants to conduct basic due diligence and/or request additional information to better assess applications when necessary.

Only charities that meet the Stober Foundation's mandates and objectives will be considered. Only one funding application submission per (calendar) year, per charity will be considered and reviewed. No follow-up response will be given unsuccessful applications or submissions that fall outside of the aforementioned inclusion criteria and/or fine print.
Thank you again for your application and we wish you the best of luck with the work you are doing!


The Stober Foundation
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