Everyone 18 and older who belongs to and/or attends St. Mary's is asked to complete their own survey. Children under 18 should be reported on only one parent's survey.  Additional survey forms are available in the church and on-line on our website (stmarysfairfieldpa.org) and Facebook (Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish).  If any of these questions do not apply to you, or you cannot assess them adequately, please choose "NA".

* 1. Please identify yourself:

* 2. Please choose your age bracket:

* 4. Are you / your family registered in the parish?

* 5. If you are not registered in the parish, please name the parish in which you are registered. If not applicable, please put N/A.

* 6. If you are registered at St. Mary's, how long have you been a member of the parish?

* 7. Religious affiliation sometimes varies across family members. Please check all the following that apply to your case:

* 8. Mass attendance sometimes varies across family members. Please check which applies to your case:

* 9. The following questions are for those who DO NOT usually attend Mass at St. Mary's weekly. I would attend St. Mary's more regularly if:

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree N/A
Mass times were different
The parish had more adult educational programs
The parish had more small group prayer or spiritual programs
The parish had more social activities

* 10. Please rate each of the following aspects of the way Mass is celebrated:

  Poor Fair Neutral Good Excellent N/A
The prayerful atmosphere in the church before/after Mass
Sunday Eucharist is celebrated with full and active participation by parishioners
I feel welcomed and a part of each Eucharistic celebration I attend
The parish makes sufficient effort to involve youth and young adults (other than altar servers) in the Eucharistic celebration

* 11. Please rate the parish's catechetical programs:

  Poor Fair Neutral Good Excellent N/A
Skilled and knowledgeable people staff the religious education efforts (Religious Education (CCD) and RCIA)
Sufficient adult faith formation opportunities are available
Sufficient faith formation and religious education programs are available for children and young adults in the parish

* 12. Please rate the following aspects of parish life regarding living our faith:

  Poor Fair Neutral Good Excellent N/A
Sufficient opportunities are provided to parishioners to serve those in need
The parish builds a culture of life by promoting the dignity of every human life from conception to natural death

* 13. Please rate the following regarding the parish's evangelization and stewardship efforts?

  Poor Fair Neutral Good Excellent N/A
Newcomers are warmly welcomed into the parish
Sufficient efforts are made to sustain the faith of practicing members of the parish
Enough retreats and evenings of prayer are held to allow individuals to enrich their faith and the parish faith life
The parish provides sufficient opportunities for individuals to develop more fully their prayer life
The parish educates parishioners to know their responsibility to be good stewards of their gifts and special talents
Sufficient efforts are made to reach out to non-practicing Catholics and those with little or no religious experience

* 14. What could St. Mary's parish do to encourage non-practicing Catholics to attend Mass more regularly?

* 15. Which of the following are, or would be, most helpful to your prayer life? Check all that apply.

* 16. Of the ones you checked above, what would make it more likely that you would attend?

* 17. Please rate how well you think this parish is serving the needs of the following groups of parishioners:

  Poor Fair Neutral Good Excellent N/A
Preschool Children
School Children (K-8)
High School Students (9-12)
Single Adults
Young Married Couples (No Children)
Single Parent Families
Separated/Divorced Individuals
Bereaved/Mourning Individuals
Age 50 and Over 
Senior Citizens
Persons with Special Needs or Disabilities
Non-Catholic Spouses

* 18. What is the likelihood that you would encourage a Catholic who is new to the neighborhood to join St. Mary's?

* 19. How would you rate your commitment to St. Mary's Parish?

* 20. What is your preferred means of communication from the parish?

* 21. What do you like best about the parish?

* 22. Is there anything you would like to see added or changed to improve the parish (such as in the way Mass is celebrated, in regard to the Religious Education program, how we can better serve certain groups of parishioners, etc.)?