1. Liturgy and Worship

* 1. How often do you attend Mass?

* 2. The Mass meets my spiritual needs.

* 3. To what degree do the homilies relate to your everyday life?

* 4. To what degree do the homilies challenge you to grow as a Catholic?

* 5. To what degree do the homilies inspire you to reflect on the message throughout the week?

* 6. To what degree do the homilies teach you something new about your faith?

* 7. The music at Mass inspires me and encourages me to sing.

* 8. Saint Mark fosters spiritual growth.

* 9. Saint Mark encourages you to live your faith in your daily life.

* 10. There is a sense of hospitality and welcoming at the Mass.

* 11. How likely are you to invite someone to worship at Saint Mark?

* 12. How much does the quality of the Liturgy attract you to Saint Mark?

* 13. Any comments regarding Liturgy and Worship at Saint Mark?

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