Permission to use the scales

If you work or study in a university or health setting the scales are freely available for you to use subject to the conditions below.

Permission to use the measures is granted provided that these steps are followed:
  1. Complete this registration questionnaire.
  2. When any measure is used and is cited in any publication, the full reference to the key paper describing the scale must be included in the footer.
  3. Do not change or modify the measure/scale in any way. 
  4. Do not pass the scale on to a third party (instead please direct them to the website). 
For translations:
  1. Translations into different languages should be done using Back Translation (e.g. as detailed in the Translation Guidelines available on the website).
  2. Include the copyright information in the footer of the scale.
  3. Any translated versions(s) must be made available to others who wish to use them. For any questions or technical difficulties, or to send your translated version of the scales, please contact Maria Milenova (
  4. No financial charge may be made for your version of our scales.

Question Title

* 1. Do you accept these conditions