Choosing the Right Stem Cell Culture Protocol

This questionnaire asks for your view on various complex issues associated with human stem cell research and the journey towards regenerative medicine. It is designed for scientists, managers, directors and PI's involved in the field of stem cell research. The aim is to generate a better understanding of some of the issues involved in generating robust protocols for isolation, expansion and differentiation of human stem cells. The questionnaire consists of 16 questions and will only take a few minutes to complete. On finishing the survey, you will be shown a real-time summary of the result. Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated!

* 1. Which stem cell type do you work with?

* 2. Do you experience variations between your cell lines (pluripotency, transcriptional profiling, genetic stability, epigenetic stability etc.)?

* 3. Do you have standardized and operator independent protocols for stem cell expansion and maintenance?

* 4. Which substrate do you use to culture your stem cells?

* 5. Which medium do you use to culture your stem cells?

* 6. Do you experience batch to batch variations with the medium or substrate that you use?

* 7. Do you single-cell passage your cells

* 8. Do you experience spontaneous differentiation of your stem cells?

* 9. What is your research focus?

* 10. Do you do lineage-specific differentiation of stem cells?

* 11. Are you satisfied with the differentiation potential and cell purity of your protocol? Do you get large enough quantities of the desired cell type?

* 12. Do you have a cell therapy focus?

* 13. If you answered yes in question 12, which do you feel is the single biggest issue/hurdle to reach the clinic?

* 14. What part will cell therapy grade rather than RUO (research use only) cell culture products (e.g. matrices and media) play in getting therapies through clinical trials successfully?

* 15. What is your job title/profession?

* 16. In which country are you currently active?