Growing from our new Theory of Impact, FCCP believes that just as we encourage field organizations to collaborate, funders realize more impact when they work together in service of shared goals. We further believe that to collaborate, we must start by building awareness among ourselves. This is nowhere more important than in the states, where grassroots organizing and small policy shops execute program on shoestring budgets while navigating the goals of a diverse array of in-state and national funders.

FCCP wants to help rationalize funding streams in states. This survey aims to collect the most basic data - which funders are operating in which states - and some information on how funders are already coordinating. We will share aggregated, anonymous data back to survey participants, and put funders in touch with peers operating in each state (you can decide how much you want to share as you move through the survey).

If our research suggests a valuable role, FCCP will pilot hubs where funders can share notes and strategies in 1-3 states next year. We recognize that there are multiple, parallel projects seeking to understand and align funding in the states. We are gathering data to share information with FCCP members and clarify what unique role FCCP could play.

If you only have 5 minutes, please respond to the required (starred) questions, though we welcome as much data as you can provide! For funders with complicated state strategies, please be in touch with Ashish Sinha ( / 301-910-9405) who can send a spreadsheet or schedule a phone call.

Thank you for responding by Tuesday, October 10!