Reviewing and Assessing the Status of Linkages Across AOD Treatment, CWS and Dependency Courts

This tool is intended to be used as a self-assessment by State alcohol and other drug (AOD) service and child welfare service (CWS) agencies and dependency courts* who are preparing to work with each other or who may be seeking to move to a new level of cooperation after some initial efforts. The questions have been designed to elicit discussion among and within both sets of agencies and the court about their readiness for closer work with each other.

Responses from this assessment should be tabulated and distributed, along with the total from all participants, to each State team. The results can be used to compare the jurisdiction with the matrix of progress in linkages and prioritizing any needed action. The NCSACW has the ability to tabulate these responses via the internet for interested sites.

*Dependency court is used in this document to include the courts that have jurisdiction in cases of child abuse and/or neglect and include judicial officers as well as the attorneys that represent parents, children, social services and the state.