Welcome to the inaugural Stella Awards Nominations! The Stella Awards presented by Star City Pride recognizes and honors the top businesses, entertainment and community outreach organizations in the LGBT community. Anyone in Lincoln can nominate an LGBT business/performer OR Ally business/performer in 12 different categories. Voting is open between February 12-23. VOTE once per day.

Look for the Top 3 voting February 26 - March 9th on www.StarCityPride.org.

The top 3 performers, businesses, LGBT community and allies will all be invited out to our awards and entertainment event at The Gala on Friday, March 30th.

6:30-7:30 PM - Social & entertainment
7:30-9:30 PM - Stella Awards
9:30-close - Celebration

Tickets will sell out! Get yours today by clicking HERE. Question? Please contact Dan Marquez, Star City Pride Community Outreach Organizer at Danielriley1991@gmail.com

* 1. Personal contact information must be filled out completely

Nominees in the following categories create change for all us. The community members acknowledged below uplift our community and are rewarded for their skill and commitment to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

* 2. Best Musical Ensemble
Out and proud, your nomination for Best Musical Ensemble brings Lincoln together. Whether they create inclusive environments through musical performance or raise awareness for social good, the winner of Best Musical Ensemble represents the best in teamwork, talent, and dedication.

* 3. Best Solo Vocal Performer
Nominations for Best Solo Vocal Performer inspire their audience to live out loud with their crowd-capturing voice. Whether to the unique beat of their drum, or to the familiar tune in all our hearts, the winner of Best Solo Vocal Performer unites us through poetry, music, or speech.

* 4. Best Non-Vocal Performer
Visual, musical, or movement, your nomination for Best Non-Vocal Performer is an artist outside and beyond the norm. Whether their work is read, viewed, listened to, touched, or however else we can perceive their craft, the courageous winner of Best Non-Vocal Performer is a proud virtuoso in their profession.

* 5. Best Drag King
With unbridled charm and contoured facial hair, your nomination for Best Drag King is Lincoln’s smoothest male-impersonator. A role-model beyond gender, the winner of Best Drag King is a star on and off the stage, empowering the community through performance and presence.

* 6. Best Drag Queen
Comedy or pageant, your nomination for Best Drag Queen, inspires you to be you, without apology. Serving the Lincoln community through performance and presence, the winner of Best Drag Queen lifts us up to be our best version of ourselves and proud of it.

* 7. Best Overall Entertainer
Star City’s top entertainers don’t fall neatly in any one box. Their skills, stories, and presence bring Lincoln communities together. The winner of Best Overall Entertainer unites us all through their unique talent and showmanship.

Nominees in the following categories embody to power community has to make positive impacts in the world. The individuals and organizations acknowledged represent those relationships that make change possible for all people and we are proud to recognize their service.

* 8. Best Hair Professional
(Note: There was a big ol' hairy tie for 5th place, so we've included all the top nominees here.) On the surest foundation of trust, there are few relationships as sound as that with our hair professionals. When they wash, dry, snip, clip, buzz, dye, and lay, your nominee and the winner of Best Hair Professional embodies all the virtues of Lincoln’s most trusted and dearest of allies.

* 9. Best Date Night Venue 
Serving dignity and delight, your nominee for Best Date Night Venue is your go-to for the best atmosphere to mingle. Dutch, blind, or double, our community can count on the Best Date Night Venue winner to provide a carefree and encouraging environment for romance of any speed or experience.

* 10. Best Community Outreach Program
“We are the class that does the work of the world, and can revolutionize it. We can win true liberation.” – Leslie Feinberg. Your nomination for Best Community Outreach Program is an organization of people with good hearts and wise-minded intentions serving people who might otherwise be forgotten in our community. Transcending the norms or expectations of common labor, the winner of Best Community Outreach Program makes real change by providing true opportunities for growth through dignity and service to one another.

* 11. Best Place to Create Community
You look ridiculous if you dance. You look ridiculous if you don’t dance. So, you might as well dance.” – Gertrude Stein. Your nominee for Best Place to Create Community is where you feel most at ease: to start over, to reconnect, to recharge. No matter how you identify, no matter what your lived experience is, no matter the many ways we are different from each other, the winner for Best Place to Create Community is a space we can all have pride in, because those who need it the most have a place where they can dance together.

* 12. Best Workplace “I believe that no one should ever have to choose between a career we love and living our lives with authenticity and integrity” – Selisse Berry. Your nominee for Best Workplace engages you to be the best at what you are passionate about, provides a living wage, and fills your life with pride – even off the clock. The winner of Best Workplace represents a collaboration of passionate, skilled and talented egos cooperating to create a productive and successful business.

Our final category recognizes individuals whose dedication to service goes beyond common expectations. Making a positive change for all people is not only on their radar, it’s part of daily living. Nominees in the following category mindfully impact the world around us and we are proud to celebrate their work and their accomplishments to come.

* 13. Best Up & Coming Pioneer
“Service to others is the rent you pay for room on this earth.” – Shirley Chisolm. And your nominee works to pay in advance. Whether they are an artist, community organizer, philanthropist, or activist, our nominees are changing the way people see the world. We expect great things from our Best Up & Coming Pioneer winner.

Thank you for supporting the LGBT community & Star City Pride. Star City Pride is a 501-C3 non-profit.
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