Our star count challenge

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Tell us how many stars you counted in the constellation of Orion during our Star Count week, Monday 31 January – Sunday 6 February. This will help us plot a map showing where there are the darkest skies where the most stars can be seen. By taking part in our Star Count you will be helping us to highlight the problem of light pollution which is diminishing our view of the stars and experiencing the natural beauty of the night sky.

* Required answers.

* 1. How many stars did you count?

* 2. Which day did you do your star count?

Enter date between Monday 31 January – Sunday 6 February

* 3. What time did you do your star count?

* 4. Tell us where you did your star count

* 5. Please give us any comments you have about your view of the night sky when you made your star count

* 6. Do you think that external lighting should require planning permission?