Welcome!  Thank you for participating in this brief survey for Stanbridge.  The Stanbridge Parent Association (SPA) is considering trying to re-start a private online community group where Stanbridge parents, staff, teachers, and Board members could post questions, tips or news for others to read and comment on. The goal would be to strengthen the Stanbridge community and generate more communication among parents regardless of their geographic location. Before moving ahead with this effort, we wanted to measure the interest in such a group, and if there is interest, determine which platform is preferred.

* 1. On a scale of 1-5, how interested are you in having an active online group for the Stanbridge community?

* 2. Which statement best describes your likely involvement in an online community group?

* 3. What would you like to get out of such an online group?  What would make it a valuable resource for you?

* 4. If we move ahead with this, we need to determine where to host the group. Which platform would you prefer? (We would just end up focusing our efforts on one.) (Click any of interest.)

* 5. Which of the following Stanbridge online groups, newsletters and other digital resources do you read/use at least once in a while?

* 6. Are you a ...

* 7. Thank you so much for sharing your opinions!  Please feel free to leave additional comments or suggestions below.  Thanks!