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The assessment takes about 5-10 minutes to complete.

This tool is intended to help leaders in companies of all sizes better understand the impact their organizations are having on those around them. Respondents are asked to identify their relationship with the company (employee, supplier, customer, investor etc) before being guided through the questions. 

Each section of the tool illustrates examples of both ends of the spectrum for that particular area of impact. The data are collected and the company receives a report with the anonymous results, including suggested resources and next steps. The data are also made available (without information to identify specific companies) for anyone to study and search for learning.

This survey was sent to you by someone who values your opinion. Your results are anonymous so please be as candid as possible in your answers.

All rating questions are on a 0-10 scale of how much you agree with the statement: with 0 being the lowest (you completely disagree) and 10 being the highest (you completely agree)

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