OWEB Road Map to a Long Term Investment Strategy

As it begins to develop a Long Term Investment Strategy,the OWEB Board wants to start by hearing from its partners and the public about priorities, outcomes, results, tools and programs that are important to you. The Spring Listening Sessions held in May and June were the beginning of a dialogue. The following survey questions reflect those discussed during the Listening Sessions. OWEB is planning additional stakeholder involvement as the Roadmap develops and hopes you will continue to engage throughout the process. Thank you for taking the time to provide your thoughtful input during this early phase of the process!

For more information about OWEB’s Roadmap to a Long-Term Investment Strategy, go to the following link: http://www.oregon.gov/OWEB/roadmap_to_investment_strategy.shtml

* 1. Where do your priorities lie for OWEB’s investments?

You have up to 6 total 'points' to place across the various'triple bottom line areas that are a part of OWEB's Mission: ecological, social/community, and economic benefits. How would you distribute them in terms of importance to your community? Make one selection (0 to 3 points) per benefit area. There are no 'right' answers and you need not spend a lot of time on this question!

  Very/the most important = 3 'points' Medium/Equally important as the others = 2 'points' Important, but not above the others = 1 'point' Not important = 0 'points'
Creating ecological benefits
Creating social/community benefits
Creating economic benefits

* 2. Looking 10 years into the future, what outcomes should OWEB achieve through its investments and how will we know we have achieved them?

* 3. Picture your watershed: What tools and programs can OWEB provide in its toolbox to help you achieve your goals for your watershed?

* 4. What does OWEB need to do differently to achieve the benefits (ecological, social/community, and/or economic) that are important to you?

* 5. If you were in charge of designing OWEB’s investment strategy, how would you design it to be specific and focused while allowing opportunities to support new and creative ideas to achieve restoration outcomes?

* 6. What else do you want OWEB to consider or know about?

* 7. Optional: Please provide some information about yourself: